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3 pin sight
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Choosing a hunting bow sight

Choosing a new sight for your hunting bow can be a little intimidating. How do you decide what features you need and want?

make or brake - feature
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Tame recoil with muzzle brakes

One of the best ways to tame recoil on any calibre is to install a muzzle brake. With one, you’ll improve your shooting and enjoy it a whole lot more.

Turkey sights
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A guide to turkey sights and scopes

What’s on your wish list for next spring’s season?

.22 caliber rifle with a scope
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Q: I want to make more use of my .22-calibre rifle. Which sight is best for small game?

That depends on individual taste, terrain, and the species hunted. A quality scope, expressly made for rimfire rifles, is definitely advantageous if you snipe for squirrels, varmints or other small game.