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New range opportunities open

There are two new facilities available for those who want to keep sharp for hunting season or are looking to perfect their shooting.

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Ask a CO: Are modified gun socks legal?

A reader asks a CO if it is legal to modify gun socks to carry guns easier outside of legal shooting hours.

Hunting Annual 2022-2023 FEAT
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2022-2023 Hunting Annual available

OOD’s 2022-2023 Hunting Annual digital edition is now available. Read yours today for the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoors content.

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Angling shots

You’ve probably read about the challenges of shooting from high angles. Tree stand or hillside, angle can affect your shot placement.

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Setting up your rifle

There are few things you need to take care of in the off-season to ensure sure your rifle is as ready as you are.

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Discover the fun and freedom of old-school bowhunting

I had to watch every step I took through the thick grass, reeds, and bulrushes. I was making my way alongside the meandering stream in the lush flats below the beaver dam.

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Tame recoil with muzzle brakes

One of the best ways to tame recoil on any calibre is to install a muzzle brake. With one, you’ll improve your shooting and enjoy it a whole lot more.

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Browning 78 / Winchester 1885

A highly sought after gun, the Browning 78/ Winchester 1885 is heavy, but well balanced and is accurate off-hand and the bench.

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Hunter hurt in accidental shooting

A hunter suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries in an accidental shooting southeast of Sudbury on Tuesday, Oct. 27.