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Q&A with Olympic trap shooter Cynthia Meyer

Olympic trap shooter Cynthia Meyer shares her experiences competing in four Olympics including the 2016 Rio Olympics.

An exhibitor from last year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas explains the features of his company's product.
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The latest from SHOT Show 2016

Updates and videos from world’s largest shooting and hunting show

Maintained roadway
Ask A CO
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Ask a CO: What is a maintained roadway?

A provincial enforcement specialist with the MNRF explains the definition of maintained and unmaintained roadways when it comes to hunting.

man shooting gun
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Shotgun shot strings

Minimal impact or shooting aid?

pattern - deer in crosshairs
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Understand your holding pattern

When you do, you’ll know it’s a good shot before you fire.

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Shooting Form for Utmost Accuracy

Improve your archery skills with a few minor tweaks.

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Understanding Ballistics of Common Hunting Calibres

Ballistics of common hunting calibres.

point - a person shooting a rifle
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Making Point of Aim Your Point of Impact

Ever wondered why you can have your crosshairs perfectly on the target but still get shots to the left or right of your aiming mark?