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a walleye on ice
Ice Fishing
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Icing walleye on a new lake

The next time you ice fish a new lake, consider these practices and tips that I’ve learned through experience.

Big Game
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Five steps to prep for deer season

Tom Petty once sang that “waiting is the hardest part,” and when it comes to waiting for deer season, I can be very impatient. I know many of you are, too. It’s the nature of the hunter to look ahead, and to dream.

Wild Turkey
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Avoiding turkey hunting mistakes

I believe a wild turkey can make a fool out of even the best hunter — but, I also believe, most of the time, they can’t do that without our assistance.

property - Scott McGuigan and a large tom
Wild Turkey
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Unlock your turkey property

Knowing your terrain will better your odds for bagging a bird, year over year

savvy strategies - turkey illustration-stuffed-turkey
Wild Turkey
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Savvy strategies for hunting turkey on public land

Practical tips for getting a gobbler this season.

opening day walleye
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Opening day walleye tool kit

Opening day walleye fishing is one of the most highly anticipated times on the calendar for many Ontario anglers. Here’s how to make the most of it.