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Coyote In Snow
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Examining coyote population dynamics

Coyote populations present a unique quandary to the world of wildlife management, appearing to contradict one of its most basic principles.

a late-season buck peeking
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Sizing-up trophy antlers

I set out to learn if harvesting large white-tailed deer with impressive antlers reduces the number of large deer in future generations.

grass carp looming under lily pads
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Lake Erie grass carp cause concern

Used in some states for algae control in ponds, grass carp, a supposedly sterile species, have been in Lake Erie for more than 30 years.

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Genetic mussel solution examined

Two separate initiatives are examining methods of genetic control, which would target a specific invasive mussel species.

grass carp looming under lily pads
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Lake Ontario grass carp of captive origins, study finds

A study released last year confirmed that captured Asian grass carp caught in Ontario were of captive, rather than wild origins.

Fish wasting in Great Lakes' depths due in part to algae blooms
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Winds can leave Erie pike eggs high and dry

Winds may be responsible for low pike egg survival on Lake Erie, according to Nathan Stott, a Ph.D student at Bowling Green State U. in Ohio.