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how to use collars
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How to use collars to train your canine

Properly used, collars support good training. Collars are often overlooked as training equipment, which is a mistake…

garmin gun dog
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Garmin enters Canadian gun dog market

Garmin International Inc. has finally introduced a legal GPS tracking device option for Canadian hound and pointing dog enthusiasts…

Jeff Wenzler
Photo Friday
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Photo Friday Winner – March 24, 2017

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner Jeff Wenzler of Wheatley! Pictured is Jeff’s girl Koda patiently waiting for the geese to arrive…

top hunting stories - get grouse - hunter with dog on path
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Where To Get Grouse

Serious grouse hunters are possessed by a special kind of crazy. They brave tangles that deter most snakes. They risk being skewered, flayed, and lashed by underbrush for even the remotest possibility of a flush. But, although they might be crazy, they’re not stupid. They know that the more unfriendly the cover, the greater the […]