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more waterfowl changes
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More waterfowl changes

More waterfowl changes to regulations will further hunting opportunities in Ontario, if approved. Final regulations to be released in July.

waterfowlers with goose decoys
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Never too cold for geese and mallards

It’s never too cold to harvest geese or wind-buffeted mallards, Bob McGary writes after taking part in a hunt on a snow-covered field near Hamilton.

ducks taking flight in field
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Making duck-hunting memories near Napanee

A late-season outing near Napanee opened contributor Andrew Rochon’s eyes to a level of duck hunting unlike any other he had seen.

Matt Higgins
Photo Friday
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Photo Friday Winner – September 16, 2016

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner this week, Matt Higgins of Baden!

Busy season
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Busy season if you hunt and fish

I’ve got broadheads to sharpen, decoys to rig, flies to tie and a few more arrows to make

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Hunting Late-Season Geese over Water

Tips to help you get more birds this winter.

Mallard duck standing on snow
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Migratory Bird Permit and Stamp Available Online

A positive move for waterfowlers.

attitude - goose decoy in a field
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Hunting geese with attitude

How to hunt high-pressure geese.

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Photo Friday – October 24

Nothing better than youth hunt to get kids into hunting.