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Examining the costs of gun-dog ownership

Thinking about buying a gun dog? Tom Goldsmith shares the hard financial truths you will face as you develop your dream dog.

illustration man with dog encounters a bear
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Avoiding bear encounters

Ironically, many people mistakenly believe that as long as they’re accompanied by a dog, their risk of an encounter is lessened.

Jeff Wenzler
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Photo Friday Winner – March 24, 2017

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner Jeff Wenzler of Wheatley! Pictured is Jeff’s girl Koda patiently waiting for the geese to arrive…

Girl on a beach fishing
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Photo Friday Winner – June 12

Casting for fish at the family cabin

live birds - training a gun dog
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Training with live birds: tips from a pro

Effectively simulating a hunting scenario where you control the variables.

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Grooming Your Dog for the Field

If you were among the legions of hunters who fell in love with long-haired breeds like golden retrievers, springer spaniels, or any of the setters, you’ve already learned there’s no such thing as a quick, easy hunt in the Ontario uplands or marshes. Even 20 minutes off leash can mean hours of burr removal, which […]