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Wild Turkey
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Avoiding turkey hunting mistakes

I believe a wild turkey can make a fool out of even the best hunter — but, I also believe, most of the time, they can’t do that without our assistance.

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DIY: decoy hacks

These tips will lengthen the life of your decoys, add realism, and give you more bang for your buck, contributor Scott McGuigan wrote in the 2018-2019 Hunting Annual.

Moose decoy
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DIY: moose decoy

This great DIY project was submitted by one of our readers, Grant Morgan from Stayner. The decoy fits in a large freezer bag and weighs just a couple of pounds.

DIY Turkey Decoy
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DIY: turkey decoy

Decoy realism counts in turkey hunting, but I’m not yet ready to spend several hundred dollars on an ultra-realistic model. Instead, I make use of the spoils of a previous hunt… Using this process, your decoy will be almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and moreover, it will appear to be in strut.

a full-body deer target
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Q&A: Can you use a deer target as a decoy while you are bowhunting?

Managing Editor Ray Blades responds.

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Wild Turkey
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Afternoon Tactics for Turkeys

There are many good reasons to hunt spring gobblers in the afternoon. Perhaps you slept in or the weather was too bad to get out in the morning. It might be that you’re still at work until late in the day. Or perhaps you’ve learned a few secrets and prefer to hunt after mid-day. I […]