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a pike lurking in the depths
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Trolling with wire for pike and muskie

Trolling with solid-strand wire line isn’t a new concept. Wire is a time-honoured method for muskie, pike, lake trout, and other species.

late fall walleye
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Fishing late fall walleye patterns

Late fall is an incredible time to fish walleye, as turnover tribulations are over and fish concentrate on mid to deep structure.

pro tactics for walleye
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5 pro tactics for walleye

‘Eyes got you stumped? There are plenty of ways to catch walleye in spring and summer. These potent presentations and tricks will help them bite.

Shallow Cranks for Largies
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Shallow cranks for largies: 7 tips for success

If you want to reel in those largemouth bass, knowing where to toss and how to use shallow running crankbaits could be your key to success.

trout lure
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Quiz: Name that trout lure

Think you have what it takes? Test your lure knowledge.

Peluso with bass
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Peluso is all about the bass

When Winnipeg Jets forward Anthony Peluso isn’t on on the ice, he is on the water somewhere with a fishing rod in his hand.

lure pike - lures for muskie and pike
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Lure pike with more than red and white

Anglers should consider some of these colour patterns.

fat walleye
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Serving up skinny for fat walleye

When fish aren’t interested in thick baits, switching to thin offerings is a reliable strategy.

trout lures
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10 great trout lures

No trout vest or tackle pack is complete without a selection of proven hardware. The following 10 categories are the gold that we separate from all the glitter.