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Top 10 stories of 2020

Check out Ontario OUT of DOORS’ 10 most popular online news stories from the year 2020, as selected by you.

armoured catfish
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Armoured catfish found in Hamilton creek

The discovery of a non-native, armoured catfish in an Ontario creek reminds us why pets shouldn’t be released into the wild.

Spring Catfish
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Channeling the cats of Ontario

As I sat in my chair, nestled amidst the shoreline vegetation of a local pond, my body was at rest, content. Nevertheless, I remained vigilant, frequently repositioning my line and tossing in small bits of bait. I was hoping to attract and hold the attention of hungry fish, which I strongly suspected were using the area.

facts - Many male minnows grow hard bumps or small spikes on their heads and parts of their bodies come spawning time.
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Twenty-one interesting facts about fish

Prepping you for some weekend dockside trivia