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destructive - Photo Credit - Toronto and Region Conservation, Jeff Dickie
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No Asian carp found in Great Lakes

No Asian carp were found in the Great Lakes during this year’s early detection surveillance, but experts say Grass carp – the only species of Asian carp found in Ontario waters to date – remains the most imminent threat.

Multiple lines for Carp

Multiple lines proposed for carp anglers

A proposal to allow multiple lines for carp fishing on Ontario shorelines would give anglers more opportunity and have a significant economic impact on communities that host the thriving fishery, enthusiasts agree.

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Carp on the fly

Most people scoff at carp. Then again, most people have never caught one. To catch them on a fly is one of fishing’s greatest challenges.

In defence of the lowly carp
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Rediscovering the cool in carp

Hard-fighting, readily available and no limit… what’s not to like?

money tactics - father son fishing from shore
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Money tactics for fishing off the bank

You don’t need a boat to catch fish.

fishing stories - Ontario steelhead - Photo by John Bennett
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Top fishing stories of 2013

A rundown of the most popular fishing articles in 2013.

cold-water carping

Cold-water carping

Peak-season trophy action is later than you think.

refined carping

Tips and tricks for refined carping

Carp fishing in its simplest form is inexpensive. Yet, for those who wish to, there’s a lifetime of refinements to be made and all kinds of gadgetry to collect.