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Deer yards: how the landscape aids winter survival

Year-round, I have deer in my yard, but my yard isn’t a deer yard. A “deer yard” is an area where deer concentrate during the winter months.

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New moose tag allocation process explained online

A provincial webpage explaining how to navigate through the new points-based moose tag allocation process went online in mid-October.

a buck pursues a doe
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Following bucks through the seasons

Whitetail bucks cover a lot of ground during the year, and even throughout a hunt. Here’s how to follow bucks as their desires change.

borrowing firearms can be an adventure when travelling
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Borrowing firearms

When travelling with a firearm becomes a hassle, considering a loaner or rental. Borrowing firearms, however, can be an adventure unto itself.

a deer with immense antlers
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Explaining antlers: nature’s beautiful, functional appendages

Antlers are grown — and shed — on an annual basis.

Big Game Management Advisory Committee
Big Game

Big game advisory committee to focus on moose review

Ontario has a new Big Game Management Advisory Committee, (BGMAC.) The announcement introducing the committee, made on April 17, fulfilled a promise to the outdoors community by the Ford government.

tree stand
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Tree stand placement basics

A tree stand is one of the bowhunter’s most important tools. Sit quietly in one that is in the right place and you’ll see deer and have shot opportunities. Place one thoughtlessly and you’ll enjoy nothing but solitude.

shot placement
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The vitals of shot placement

Proper shot placement is key for a humane kill. We rank the best shots for gun and bow hunters.

Big Game

Butcher your deer: A complete guide

OOD’s Steve Galea breaks down butchering so you can do it yourself.