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Bear walking in grass
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Man hurt in bear attack near Kenora

A 69-year-old man attacked by a black bear while walking near his Kenora-area cottage last week did not suffer life-threatening injuries, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) said.

Peppered bear meal
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Pepper bear steak Cantonese

Bear meat is still an eyebrow raiser when non-hunting guests
are invited to dinner. This flavourful recipe tends to take away any gamey flavour. Cook bear meat to at least welldone and serve hot.

bear hide tanning
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Bear hide tanning in 5 easy steps

Just as the proverbial saying goes “there are more ways than one to skin a cat,” so are there different ways to tan a bear hide. Here’s one way to do it.

bear ribs
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Jerk bear ribs

These grilled bear ribs are seasoned with a delicious blend of Caribbean spices and finished with a nice sticky BBQ sauce…

Quebec hunting
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Quebec hunting – endless opportunities

From the exotic Arctic region of Quebec’s Far North to the farmlands just outside Montreal to the whitetail mecca that is Anticosti Island on the eastern side of the province, all regions of Quebec offer exciting, affordable hunting opportunities.

black bear gallbladders
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Black bear gallbladder-trafficking ring busted

A three-year investigation has ended with the dismantling of a black bear gallbladder-trafficking operation in Quebec, according to…

bear encounters
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Bear encounters end badly

Two separate bear attacks within the same week in late April by a female bear with three cubs prompted the MNRF to issue warnings about potential encounters

bear sausage
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Rigatoni with bear sausage and sweet pepper

Put your hard-earned bear to use with a delicious recipe for rigatoni with bear sausage. Feel free to add your favourite veggies to give it your own twist.

ear tagged
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Ear tagged bears – to harvest or not?

An MNRF information notice released on April 5 was meant to make bear hunt operators and hunters aware that bears with ear tags have been immobilized with veterinary drugs.