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Dangerous ammo recalled

The Chief Firearms Office was informed of a recall on ammunition Chinese 7.62X39 surplus CH 762 39-1500.

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What’s the deal with short magnums?

Magnum cartridges are simply big cartridges with more powder. Bullets are often the same that are used with regular brass. Hunters like magnums for their extra knock-down, killing power.

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Ammo supply still spotty

This hunting season, ammunition availability should improve but could still be limited due to consumer demand and the impact of COVID-19.

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Remington ammunition production on track

Remington Ammunition will be filling shelves soon according to a social media campaign that hit the internet in early April.

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Vista Outdoor acquires Hevi-Shot

Vista Outdoor recently added Hevi-Shot to its line-up of ammunition companies.

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Pandemic fuels interest in hunting and fishing

More Americans have turned to hunting and fishing during the pandemic, but the jury is still out on that trend in Ontario.

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Details to firearms program announced

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced details of Bill C-21 that included long-awaited details about the firearms buyback program.

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Americans hunting for ammo in Canada

Early winter found some Ontario firearms retailers fielding calls from Americans looking to buy ammunition.

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Ask a CO: Can I carry ammo for both turkeys and waterfowl?

A MNRF Conservation Officer answers the question, “Can I legally carry ammunition for both turkeys and waterfowl while hunting ducks?”