Québec Outfitters: fishing the wilds

by OOD in partnership with Quebec Outfitters | February 28, 2020
quaint cottages dot a wide waterbody
Photograph provided by Québec Outfitters

With more than 20,000 lakes and streams and nearly 20 species of fish, Québec may seem to be dauntingly wild territory.

Québec Outfitters Federation, however, is ready to help. Its website lists more than 300 destinations across the province. You can search it for the species you seek, type of accommodation you want, and a multitude of other criteria. Dozens of tailored adventure packages are available.

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Photograph provided by Québec Outfitters

An invitation to an incredible journey

Québec Outfitters are present throughout 15 Québec regions. Each offers different wildlife, species, and landscapes.

With more than 4,500 lodging units, the federation is the largest natural hosting network in the province. From rustic cabins to luxurious lodges, all facilities provide access to magnificent hunting and fishing, as well as recreational activities including swimming, kayaking, and hiking.

Outfitters are passionate entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge of guiding clients and shaping vacations to be a happy harmony between adventure and leisure.

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Host toasts hospitality

Mike Miller, host of Angler and Hunter Television, is an ardent fan of the federation and French fare as well.

“Don’t let the worry of a language barrier make you hesitate to book a trip to this glorious place. The meals alone are something to behold…home cooked delicacies that will make you think your moms and grandmas have been cheating you all these years,” he says.

Whether it’s tourtière or sugar pie, split pea soup or pouding chômeur, there’s a new French dish to whet your appetite around every other corner. If this verbally illustrated banquet piques your interest, Miller shares even more of his personally-curated experience visiting St-Cyr Royal, a remote fly-in Québec destination that is part of the federation.

Walleye most-sought fish

Vicky Boivin, communications advisor for Québec Outfitters, spoke about the most-sought fisheries at www.hunting-fishing.quebec.

“Walleye remains the most coveted species. To learn more about this species prized for the quality of its flesh, I invite you to consult the special section on freshwater species on pages 72 and 73 of the 2020 edition of Québec Outfitters magazine,” she said.

Interest is growing in salmon and brook trout fishing in northern Québec, where Indigenous culture, magnificent territories, and quality species awaken the passions of explorers searching for adventure, Boivin said.

“We recently launched a website dedicated to this extraordinary destination www.gonorthquebec.com. A lot of useful information about this magnificent part of Quebec is also presented between pages 98 and 102 of the magazine,” she added.

Québec Outfitters’ 2020 magazine is now available online. You can find helpful information on hunting zones, fishing regions, and packages.

This video offers more about the northern Québec experience.

Fond memories for years to come

Stephen Bates, National Sales Director for Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine, travels all over North America in pursuit of fish and game.

“I can’t think of anywhere nicer than visiting the Province of Québec in those pursuits,” he says. “Every time I visit Québec, I’m more impressed than the time before. When I’m hunting for moose, bear, or deer the same feeling of incredible anticipation is always there.”

Discover the vastness and splendour of wilderness that makes Québec a dream destination for any outdoors enthusiast. Whether you cast your line from the shores of a quiet lake, the banks of a raging river, into the St. Lawrence or a natural reservoir, you will keep fond memories of
your trip to Québec for years to come.

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Photograph provided by Québec Outfitters

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