Sarnia-area man wins $394,717 Catch the Ace jackpot

by Editorial Staff | January 22, 2021
Photograph of OFAH Facebook post announcing Catch the Ace winner

A 34-year-old Plympton-Wyoming Township man is $394,717 richer for becoming the grand champion in the OFAH Catch the Ace online progressive lottery.

Larry Moore, a recently unemployed tow truck driver and married father of an 18-month-old, immediately shouted “We finally get our house” when he got the call informing him he had the winning ticket number and playing card, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) stated on Thursday, Jan. 21.

“This is the story that the people of Ontario need to hear right now,” OFAH Manager of Business Development and Corporate Messaging Robert Pye stated in a press release.

Weekly prizes awarded

The new lottery, which was introduced 24 weeks ago, began with a week one jackpot of $2,823. The OFAH has been awarding weekly cash prizes since, most recently $21,000. The jackpot-earning Ace of Spades, however, had not yet been reeled in.

Moore was still working when the campaign started, but because the second wave of the pandemic resulted in fewer commuters and roadside rescues, he went into the holidays without a job. Things were already starting to look up for him in 2021, as he just started a new one.

Before they go house shopping, the first order of business is paying off his wife’s student loan debt, Moore said.

Funds boost outdoor activities

“The success of OFAH Catch the Ace speaks to the importance of fishing, hunting, and conservation – core values for millions of Ontario residents who, especially throughout the pandemic, turn to the outdoors for personal expression and escape,” Pye stated.

“The dollars raised through OFAH membership and fundraising help create many of the outdoor opportunities that Ontario residents have rediscovered, or in fact, experienced for the first time in the past 10 months.”

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