While trolling applications are the primary driver for sales of rod holders, there are other pluses to having them. Rod holders are invaluable when fishing with kids. Whether using slip-bobbers for panfish, jigging for walleye or trolling for pike, kids often set rods down, making them vulnerable to going overboard.

Here are some notes to consider before you buy.

Clamp style

For applications where your rod points down, clamp style is necessary. Clamp style is prevalent for muskie trolling.

Riptide’s Beast is a custom-machined, fully adjustable, heavy-duty rod holder that’s made in Ontario.

Tube style

Also called rocket launchers, tube style rod holders provide ease of in/out but limits rod angle to horizontal or above. They work well for complex multi-line trolling situations with downriggers and planer boards, and are common on the Great Lakes for salmon and walleye.

A vertical support (called a tree) allows several tube-style holders to be stacked on top of each other.


Among the biggest considerations when selecting rod holders are mounting systems for securing to your boat. Multiple mounting options exist for every type of rod holder. Mounts provide adjustability, portability, and custom solutions to suit any need. Selecting the right mount depends on your boat and style of fishing.

Tracks allow for many kinds of mounts/holders to slide in/out of the track system as needed. Tracks can also be temporarily mounted to different boat systems (such as Lund’s SportTrack system) with removable clips. This allows the track itself to be easily removed from the boat when not in use.

Originally published in the July 2022 issue of Ontario OUT of DOORS

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