Lake Simcoe anglers are recycling fishing line

by Tom Goldsmith | October 13, 2016

fishing line

Dozens of fishing line recycle receptacles are springing up in locations around Lake Simcoe. The initiative to build and place the containers where anglers can dispose of old fishing line was brought to fruition with the help of Bob Bowles. Bob is a well-known local naturalist and conservationist who worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Old, discarded line was creating headaches for boat owners and, more concerning to Bowles, causing injuries or permanent damage to birds and wildlife that became entangled in the line. Anglers have now have an easy way to dispose of unwanted line.

The well-marked receptacles are simple containers made of PVC pipe that are being placed at many popular piers and boat launches around Simcoe. The line collected in the receptacles will be recycled.

It is hoped the idea will spread to fishing destinations throughout the province for the benefit of both wildlife and people.

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  1. Lori wrote: I am interested in the used fishing ling disposals. Once placed, how often is it collected, and by whom. Is mono, flouro and braid collected together? Thanks
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Lori, this story is from 2016, but you could reach out to the naturalist/conservationist, Bob Bowles, via this email: