Parliament lets RCMP off the hook

by Editorial Staff | April 2, 2019

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was let off a possible charge of contempt of parliament in connection to provisions of Bill C-71 yet to come into force.

The issue focused around the designation of certain models of CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles, which have been the centre of controversy involving the RCMP’s ability to restrict individual gun models.

Owners of these guns have had to deal with multiple rule changes over the last five years. The RCMP changed the status of these guns from non-restricted to prohibited in 2014 without notifying gun owners or stores.

Following an outcry, the former Conservative federal government reversed the decision and gave the ability to classify guns to the Firearms Advisory Committee. After being elected, the Liberals gave that authority back to the RCMP.

Bill C-71, if passed, will change the status of these guns to a special class of prohibited. However, the RCMP posted a bulletin last April that stated these guns would be prohibited as outlined in the bill.

Since the bill still was not in effect, and is before the Senate at the time of writing, Conservative MP Glen Motz raised the point that the RCMP were in contempt of Parliament.

The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs considered the matter and issued a report on March 20 saying no contempt occurred.

“They basically said that shouldn’t have happened but it wasn’t contempt, it was an accident,” said Liberal MPP Larry Bagnell, chair of the committee, regarding its decision. “They said the department should be careful when they are working on upcoming legislation, and should have said it is pending.”

Conservative members of the Liberal-dominated committee disagreed with the decision.

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  1. Sean Kenny wrote: I'm not the least bit surprised that nothing will be done for this deliberate and malicious abuse of the non-authority that they continue to push on Law Abiding Citizens of this Country. I continue to lose respect for the RCMP Administration. They continually force their Front Line Officers to face public ridicule on their behalf. It's no wonder morale amongst them is so low !!!!
  2. Bob Chapman wrote: It is very clear when it comes to firearm legislation that the RCMP are as corrupt (remember the High River Gun lies and corruption) as the Liberals. This is why it would be completely useless for the RCMP to investigate the SNC Lavalin scandal. The RCMP have proven that like the liberals they can not be trusted. Only a Military investigation should be involved with SNC, it is the ONLY way the truth will cone out. The Liberals and RCMP both stink of lies and corruption.
  3. Graham miles wrote: We already have a public that is scared to death because of the liberal party so leave our guns alone please
  4. Eddie Connor wrote: Police enforce the law, not write the law. Our country is a democracy, where citizens vote for political representatives who negotiate what is legal in parliament. I am 56 years old, a rural Canadian. Look after your urban gang problems and leave the hunters and sport shooters alone.
  5. Phillip Hutchings wrote: I was one of the people who emailed the RCMP and the conservative party including Peter Van Loan my MP at the time who forwarded this issue on to Glen Motz, I didn't get credit beyond a long package mailer of the minutes of parliament on May 29th 2018 when my concerns were raised over 3 pages of had much more to do than just the firearms but also the ability of the RCMP to create and write law without parliamentary oversight thus giving police the power to create law forming an Authoritarian police state out of a once constitutional democracy....if interested the full minutes are available May 29th 2018.
  6. Peter Beilke wrote: Imagine the LIeberals letting the RCMP off the hook?! I'm not surprised at all. Corruption & lies are trade mark of our current government & legal gun owners are used to unsubstantiated attacks & half truths. Going after legal firearms does not make the public safer & simply demonstrates the RCMP & other police force's complete cowardice when it comes to gangs & gun related voilence perpetrated by thugs & hardened criminals. They'd rather play fear monger & scare the public into supporting further gun control with skewed statistics & fabricated crime numbers. Respect for the RCMP & police in general is at an all time low & not likely to improve if they continue to try to make criminals out of legal gun owners instead of focusing on gangs & drugs... & BTW I thought drugs weren't going to be a problem anymore, since the Lieberals legalized pot back in October... Turns out they're just another "dealer"...