Up Your Whitetail Game

by Editorial Staff | October 28, 2014

Buck-woods-fallWhether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, consider these hints and tips from our OOD team for hunting whitetails this fall.

Get Aggressive With Deer Calls
Keeping a low profile is generally the ruling principal of deer hunting, but at times getting aggressive is the ticket. Read more…

5 Strategies for Deer Hunters
Here are 5 areas to scope out when searching for deer. Read more…

How to Hunt Hot Weather Whitetails
Hot weather is likely the deer hunter’s most challenging problem. The issue is that Ontario deer are already sporting winter coats by the time the hunt is fully underway, so unseasonably warm weather can cause deer to overheat. To cope, deer have to change their behaviour. So do hunters, if they want to be successful. Read more…

Understanding the Rut and How to Hunt it
White-tail breeding, or “the rut” as hunters like to call it, is a complex set of biological behaviours that deer engage in each fall. It’s interesting and complex enough to be covered in a hefty book but hunters can boil it down to four important periods. Read more…

3 Tips for Pushing the Bush
Using hounds to push thick woodlots and swamps with the hopes of putting deer in front of hunters placed on a watch is a long tradition in many Ontario deer camps. Here’s how to be a better dogger. Read more…

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