Man caught clubbing muskie gets $1,000 fine

by Bill Hodgins | March 17, 2015

Muskie in waterA Windsor man – Edmond Parent – caught on video illegally clubbing a fish and tossing it back into the water last fall has been fined $1,000 under the Fisheries Act for failing to release an undersized muskie in a way that would not cause further harm to the fish.

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A video of the incident went viral after an angler fishing near Parent captured the act with a camera. It made its way to social media and has since been seen more than 333,000 times.

Parent was also banned from fishing for two years.

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  1. Jamieson Currie wrote: My grandfather used to club every pike we caught with an empty OV bottle.
    • 2westies wrote: You sound proud of that.... ??
  2. Julie Andrea Drevinskis wrote: GOOD!! Hope the fine wipes that smug look off his face.
  3. David Speicher wrote: Nice to see justice served. Fishing attitudes like this should never be tolerated. I hope they do the same with cottagers who harass fisherman.