Lyme disease getting worse in eastern Ontario

by James Palmer | July 29, 2020
A tick extraction from a shoulder blade

Lyme disease is spreading in Eastern Ontario.

As well as more black-legged ticks, and the increased chance of being bitten, the chances of that tick carrying the disease is about 30%, up from last year’s estimate of 20%.

Increase monitored

Dr. Vera Etches, chief medical officer for Ottawa Public Health, said, “We are monitoring the increase in numbers of black-legged ticks whose numbers have been growing over time. We are advising people who live near woodlots and areas with long grasses to do a full body check of themselves, their children and their pets after every outdoor excursion.

Try to stay on cleared paths. Wear tightly woven light-coloured clothing (light coloured because ticks are more easily seen then.) Tuck your pant legs into your socks. Wear long sleeves and protective clothing. Use insect/tick repellent that contains DEET or incaridin. Above all, protection and prevention is key.”

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