Licence refund requests on the rise

by Steve Galea | November 26, 2020
Image of a laptop on the Fish and Wildlife service website, with a printer in the background

Requests from American anglers and hunters seeking refunds or extensions for purchased hunting and fishing licences are on the rise.

The Ministry of Natural resources and Forestry (MNRF) does not normally deal with many of these requests, but the Canada-US border closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made them more common.

“Refunds for fishing and hunting licences are provided in limited, specific circumstances. Each request is reviewed individually based on the situation,” said MNRF Assistant Media Relations Officer Maimoona Dinani. “We do not offer licence extensions.”

Dinani advised those seeking refunds or extensions of purchased hunting or fishing licenses to email so that staff can evaluate the request.

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  1. Robert Mark Tobolski wrote: I'm a US citizen and fish the Canadian side of the Detroit River in early spring for Walleye. I have purchased several nonresident 1 year Licenses from your country in the past. In 2020 I purchased a 1 year nonresident fishing license along with a 2 year Outdoors card for which I couldn't use. Each time I took my boat on the Canadian side to fish, the Canadian wildlife authorities ran me off. I showed them my license, but that didn't matter. I'm asking you to either refund me for last years mishaps, or give me a 2021 license if your waters will be open for this years fishing season. Thank you for your time Robert M Tobolsk i Outdoors Card / Carte Plein air # 708158583512513
    • Alesha Howran wrote: Robert, thank you for reaching out, however Ontario OUT of DOORS is a fishing, hunting, and outdoors magazine and not a government body. If you have a question about your Ontario Outdoors Card and licencing, you can reach out to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry via telephone 1-800-667-1940 or email using
  2. Leo Economakos wrote: Purchased my annual license for Canada so I could fish both sides of the Detroit river last year, when we got there they made us go back on the American side, didn’t make sense and a waste of money