No matter the species, Ontario OUT of DOORS experts have ice fishing tips and trick to share, from panfish to steelhead to walleye, and more.

Creating ice central

by Tim Allard | November 29, 2023

How to create a comfortable, cozy ice fishing base camp with handy items for the ultimate experience.

Fish On Ice With Rod

Icing walleye with the right rod

by Tim Allard | February 15, 2023

A quality, well-balanced, sensitive ice rod is a beautiful thing. Here are the four I use to get the job done for walleye.

Ice Fishing With A Flasher Horizontal

Ice fishing with a flasher

by Jeff Gustafson | December 13, 2022

As someone who grew up in the modern age of ice fishing, I could not imagine hitting the ice without a flasher or some form of sonar.

a walleye on ice

Icing walleye on a new lake

by Tim Allard | February 14, 2022

The next time you ice fish a new lake, consider these practices and tips that I’ve learned through experience.

a crappie from the ice

Observing winter crappies from pothole lakes

by Lonnie King | February 9, 2022

Winter crappie fishing is as much about charming and finessing as it is about having the grit and muster to find fish, despite harshness.

a man is ice fishing for crappie

Making crappie ice fishing happen on Lake of the Woods

by Tom Armstrong | January 19, 2022

Baby in tow, my wife and I, along with my dad, headed 4.5 hours west to Sunset Cove Resort to finally make crappie ice fishing happen.

an icy walleye in the hand of a guy

Top picks for walleye

by Tim Allard | January 11, 2022

Discover Walleye columnist Tim Allard's top gear picks for icing 'eyes on the hardwater scene, from bait to rods, lines to electronics.

an ice angler checking a tip up

Solid water safety

by Bob McGary | December 7, 2021

First ice provides great action, but the urge to get out must be tempered with a fundamental awareness of ice safety.

Licence-free fishing weekend returns

by Editorial Staff | February 10, 2021

The first of four licence-free fishing opportunities returns as part of Ontario Family Fishing Weekend, from Saturday, Feb. 13 to Monday, Feb. 15.