Help us choose the cover of our 2019-2020 Hunting Annual

by Editorial Staff | July 25, 2019
Ontario OUT of DOORS Hunting Annual cover featuring moose

We’re working hard on the upcoming Ontario OUT of DOORS Hunting Annual and we need your help in deciding on a cover.

Note: The poll closed July 31 at 12:30 p.m. Thank you for your comments and votes!

Which cover do you prefer?
  • B (40%)
  • A (60%)
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  1. Glen Merkley wrote: Like the pic
  2. Jen Wallace wrote: Cover A is a great photo shows more of the strenght or muscling of the moose.
  3. Anthony simpson wrote: I just think B looks cool how he is looking straight at you .
  4. Randy Dowse wrote: Photo a seems a more natural pose
  5. Michele wrote: B is not a common view on a magazine so that is why I picked it. I like how the antlers are up in the letters. Looks cool!
  6. Peter Mahnke wrote: The choice made me think but A is a little more awesome.
  7. Connie gautreau wrote: Photo A looks like the moose is inline for a rifle scope shot. Who could possibly fire a shot into the gaze of "B". Gave up hunting years ago. Only camera shots now. Conservation rules when you're not hungry. Long live Nature...
  8. Harry Roberts wrote: either would be nice
  9. Chris McDougall wrote: I like the A shot
  10. Jeffrey Steger wrote: I'm torn between the two. 'A' definitely has more dramatic colours and visual textures. However, the logo/masthead takes up almost half the page, almost like it's pushing down the majestic beast. Oddly enough, even though the type is overlapping on 'B' it almost seems more legible and in appropriate proportion to the main image. Unfortunately the angle of the moose is not as captivating and the colours are bland. If you could somehow make the masthead of 'B' work with the image of 'A', I think you'd have a winner. If this vote is merely to stir up reader interest, great. If you need a Creative/Art Director, I have 30+ years experience and would be willing to consult if you'd like.
  11. Catherine Bodden wrote: A has better dimensions. And the colours in A allow for the Moose to be the focal point. The colours and angle of B causes the Moose to blend in too much. B also has strange dimensions!
  12. Bonnie Monds wrote: A beautiful looking animal
  13. Ken Dawson wrote: B makes it look like he is very thin and starving and really doesn't show how massive and huge these animals really are.
  14. Lowell Frey wrote: Reminds me of onebI called In a few years back.
  15. Andrew Crook wrote: I like B you could title it busted like you came in upwind on a hunt.
  16. patrick martino wrote: both photos are awesome but B gets the nod. can't wait for the hunting annuals release..... hurry.
  17. Robert Page wrote: "A" is my choice,but,what are the chances that both prints be offered for sale as a fund raiser?
  18. Maria White wrote: A
  19. Cameron Heaphy wrote: B Is my vote, its a great feeling to look into the eye of such an amazing animal.