Fixing Pretty River parking

by Steve Galea | June 4, 2024
Pretty River road
Photo: Ian Hockley

Parking restrictions that created access issues for hunters and anglers last year at Pretty River Valley Provincial Park near Collingwood are being addressed.

Ian Hockley, a local hunter and angler who brought the issue to Ontario Parks, the Town of the Blue Mountains, and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters last year, now believes his efforts are beginning to pay off.

He recently met with Ontario Parks and the Town of the Blue Mountains staff and was able to get them
to agree to allow parking at an old trail head that can accommodate three to four vehicles. That location
had not been used since bylaw officers began ticketing cars.

He says Park Staff also raised the possibility of expanding the amount of parking space at that trailhead and other locations.

Hockley said representatives of the Pretty River Valley Provincial Park and the Town of the Blue Mountains have agreed to meet at the site in early May to discuss what needs to be done.

To fund parking improvements, Hockley has received a commitment of support from the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

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