Firearms petition gaining steam

by Jeff Helsdon | January 15, 2020
A hand holding a camo patterned pen on a pad of paper, poised.

A petition against the democratic process being used to define which “assault rifles” will be banned in the Liberals upcoming gun control agenda is nearing 84,000 signatures.

Alberta MP Glen Motz organized the e-petition at the urging of one of his constituents, Brad Manysiak.

“The groundswell support is causing the Liberals to stand up and take notice,” he said. “Those who haven’t signed it, need to.”

Misguided policy on gun violence

The process currently being discussed is the list of semi-automatic centrefire rifles that will be banned will be done through a Cabinet Order in Council, not through the House of Commons.

“It’s just another example of their misguided policy on gun violence,” Motz said, saying it would be better to focus on gangs, border security, mental health and addiction. He estimated the confiscation would end up costing $1 billion.

“Think of what that money could do to improve the lives of Canadians,” he said. “What’s being proposed won’t improve the lives of Canadians.”

Third most signatures of any e-petition

Motz, who is the holder of both a PAL and RPAL, said at the time the petition had garnered the third most signatures of any government e-petition. The second highest amount of signatures was for the C-71 petition.

“Those are powerful, powerful statements,” Motz said, saying it should cause some conversations at Cabinet.

Asked about some of the rhetoric on social media saying the petition won’t make a difference, Motz pointed to the most popular e-petition, which was on electoral reform. He surmised the 130,000 signatures that e-petition drew may have been a reason the Liberals changed their stance on changing the way Canadians elect their MPs.

Motz believes firearms should be classified by function, not by how they look. The decisions should be fact based, not driven by emotion, he added.

Function over form

“My grandsons have firearms that look menacing and they’re .22 (rimfire) single shots,” he said.

Matt DeMille of the OFAH also urged firearms owners, and others concerned with this, to sign the petition.

“While I’m not convinced more parliamentary debate will result in anything positive for firearms owners, I do believe the potential to showcase unity is the true value of a political petition,” he said. “A well supported e-petition can take tens of thousands of scattered and emotionally-charged social media opinions and channel them into a powerful act of solidarity, which should be particularly impactful during a time of national political fragmentation.”

It was also recently learned that the government is moving ahead with its campaign promises for a buyback of “assault rifles,” which further allows municipalities to ban handguns.

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  1. Michael Pelaia wrote: Punish the safe, honest gun owners will not solve gun issues
  2. Kyle Wilson wrote: The Canadian goverment should spend our collective money in areas where it will actually decrease gun violence and make life better and safer for ALL canadians. It's 2020 for gods sake, we have all the information we could possibly need to make informed decisions that will actually have an impact yet a large percentage of our population still chooses to make uniformed decisions based on emotion and not on statistics and factual data. The fact that this is even a discussion in today's society is just sad. Make smart decisions. No problem ever got solved by "feelings" real problems get solved by knowledgable, informed action.
  3. Chris Boudreau wrote: Wish there was a link in this report to sign the petition I need to sign
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Hi Chris, we've provided a link in the second paragraph from the top - just click e-petition and it'll bring you right to where you want to go.
  4. Eric belt wrote: Stop this madness
  5. Rob Hare wrote: Your are targeting law abiding people who pose no threat. You should be targeting criminals. Use the existing laws to impose maximum sentences. Do not allow criminals who use guns to be granted bail
  6. Chris cleaver wrote: The proposed gun control policies the liberals are trying to ram through will not have any positive impact on criminal gun activity in Canada, but rather alienate legal firearms owners.
  7. William Hurlbert wrote: Law abiding citizens should not be punished for crimes that criminals commit with illegally possessed firearms. We as PAL and RPAL certificates holders go through rigorous training, and stringent background checks. Why should we then be scrutinized and punished for following all legal requirements.
  8. Sonya Zuber wrote: Restricting and/or banning a gun because of its looks will do nothing to solve the gun issues we are experiencing in this country. Money and efforts should be focused on illegal gun owners and should not punish lawful gun owners.
  9. Philip Hammond wrote: Leave things alone
  10. Paul Dion wrote: Leave law abiding citizen alone
  11. Barry Nash wrote: Stop the insanity, we have done this before. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!
  12. Kevin Ascott wrote: Is there no common sense left in this world. Bad guys will still have guns this will not stop them!
  13. John Smith wrote: Illegal handguns is the problem. Why target honest law bidding citizens. Don't make this a vote getting campaign at the expense of law bidding Canadians.
  14. Perry Berndt wrote: we know it's all about control of the people and a complete waste of taxpayers money instead why don't yous go after the true criminals who commit the crimes with tough time that fits the crime
  16. Brandon Becker wrote: Guns are fine in the right hands and there is a big process already required by law to acquire a firearm legally. If you ask me there should be less restrictions on firearms, but that's just my opinion.
  17. Marilyn watrich wrote: Leave the legal gun owners alone. Go after the illegal gun owners and criminals!!
  18. Wayne Black wrote: We hear that too many illegal guns are coming into from the USA. how will banning any gun from Canadians help with this problem? Legal gun owners do not purchase these guns. Take the legal guns out of Canada and you will encourage more illegal guns to come into Canada ( the mob will thank you).
  19. Lane Cooper wrote: time for the liberals to focus on the demographics of crime and illegal weapons and quit vilifying the honest legal gun owners, Criminals wont follow the law anyway, that's why they are criminals.
  20. John Szorvas wrote: Gov't needs to get tough on the real problem.
  21. Paul Dona wrote: Use common sense , not fear mongering and an opportunity for a photo shoot of a table full of firearms that are owned by registers users , instead go after the firearms actually being used in murders/ crimes sliding in through illegal points of access . That will require actual work , not cherry picking .
  22. Mike taylor wrote: Law makers have no clue. They are ignorant to reality....theu meed to help the homeless instead of spendong tax payers money on laws that will not change a thing. Police chiefs agree.
  23. James kabel wrote: Agreed
  24. Ivan Foster wrote: Bill Blair, of all people, should know that illegal handguns are the problem. How many guys do you see running around the big cities, carrying, and doing their dirty work with, a long gun? Concentrate your efforts on the criminal element, and leave the law-abiding citizens alone.
  25. Dan Boyes wrote: A gun is no more dangerous than a pencil . The user is the problem .
  26. Richard Esseltine wrote: The plan to punish law abiding gun owners while letting criminals charged with gun offences ( shooting in public places ) out on bale in 30 days. I think the government should spend the money set aside for the By-Back on criminal investigation and prosecution and jail time. Hard labour would be good!!!!
  27. clare barnim wrote: If we don't speak up we will never be heard. Time to show we are not happy with their proposed gun laws.
  28. Felix Barbetti wrote: won't address illegal gangs and guns problem. Already regulated for legality
  29. Richard Fournel wrote: Quit wasting my money
  30. John Jones wrote: I oppose this ban.
  31. STEVE LOCKHAM SR. wrote: Keep up the pressure. I am 87 years old and have been a responsible gun owner since the age of 9 when I actually purchase my own shotgun. My son and I have gone through well over 500,000 rounds in trap, skeet, sporting clays ,and international skeet, both on the Canadian team, I am a level 2 national sporting clays certified shooting instructor since 2004., ran my own shooting school and still actively shoot and hunt. what more can I say. I have earned the right to bear arms. Don't let that be taken away from me. Best regards, Steve Lockham Sr.
  32. stan gevaert wrote: this is bull just like the last time
  33. Dennis Pedersen wrote: Liberals should stop making fools of themselves and do what will really help cure the violence. Clamp down on gangs and drugs and make the punishment a lot stiffer.
  34. Brian Kraus wrote: Dont punish honest gun owners- instead go after the hardened criminals our governments have been only slapping the hands of when they get caught breaking the law severely!
  35. Glenn cabot wrote: Banning Firearms is in no way the road to travel, we are honest citizen ,all are guns are already registered by the RCMP , the problem reside more in the mental state of some person, thats the part the goverment should put the Monney. Be shure that the libéral party will Nevers be on my futur ballot If They still go that way with the banning of semi automatic firearms . Never Forget that real military firearms are all ready ban to civilian, So wake upMr.Trudeau and aim a-t-il the real problem THE CRIMINAL. The real one. Glenn Cabot.
  36. Aiden wrote: Smarten up guys, I am a legal gun owner and get checked every day. Stealing guns from legal owners will do nothing to tackle gun violence. Tackle the real issues for once and you will make a difference.
  37. Don morrison wrote: Criminals using illegal firearms is a border security, policing and justice system problem. Broadening the definition of restricted firearms may be a partial solution AFTER the border security, policing and justice system is optimized; not before. The definition of offensive weapons should also include rental vans or other vehicles, knives, baseball bats and aluminum ladders.
  38. Roberto Giugovaz wrote: Governornment needs to recognize the users of the crimes, not the ones that follow the law, it is not there guns used in these illegal acts of crime, those guns are black market guns, not the registered fire arms,
  39. Jason shakell wrote: My comment would be that did prohibition stop the use of alcohol? The answer is a resounding NO! The criminal underground will always be just that! I would like to see statistics on how many handgun crimes where actually committed with a registered gun, in the hands of a licensed person. As far as what a gun looks like , the irony is that people confuse children’s play toys for being real! The end point is that no matter what laws are implemented, the people that follow existing laws will continue to do so and the people that do not comply with existing laws will no doubt fail to comply with new legislation as well!
  40. Glen shakell wrote: Let’s enforce laws that we have now and implement stiffer punishment for misuse of weapons! Let’s not punish the law abiding person to make it look like government is being proactive through the eyes of people who are not knowledgeable on the subject!
  41. Fraser Card wrote: We Canadians should be very worried about the Fake News being sent out to the general public by Government. It's the first step in a huge propaganda campaign to/of control. Not just law biding gun owners, but rather the citizens of Canada as a whole. The gun "issue", is simply but a haze to hide the real agenda. Control.
  42. Ted Hoyle wrote: The government should govern NOT DICTATE
  43. Robert Vanbelois wrote: Go after the criminals and leave law abiding gun owners alone.
  44. walter kalmbach wrote: not again
  45. Brian Hayes wrote: If the liberals push this through, Gangs and kids will still be killing each other and many innocent people.
  46. Dr. Jerome Katchin wrote: The Liberals should try banning criminals not firearms.
  47. Duncan Day wrote: The Liberal Government of Canada should attack the problem that exists and not continually take legal registered gun owners to task. The target for the Liberal program should be the illegal gun owners, gang members and gun smugglers. They should make the penalties for illegal use of guns to commit crimes more severe than any other form of punishment available in the penal system and to include automatic loss of citizenship and deportation. Legal gun owners are not the problem.
  48. Herman Baguss wrote: I just took a look at the e-2341 website at to check the number of signatories. Right now it's 146,912 signatures. If you click on the little down arrow to the right of the signature number you can see the number of signatures by province. While BC, Alberta and Ontario are definitely out in front, most of the other provinces are lagging far behind. Might be a good idea to send your friends in the other provinces the link for the petition... (BTW, Ontario is way out in front with over 48,000)
  49. Peter Molson wrote: Disarm the honest citizens, disarm our nation! Pick on law abiding citizens it’s easier, not the law breakers. Firearms r just that, people kill not firearms, Justice system overhaul, Yes ? Sooo misguided, crime will be still there, even increases , we still have sports, hunting, self defence , can’t take that away! Tyrants, People in the government have no knowledge, tyrannical thinking. Our rights our infringed, why not just mask tape this, looks good , but is it practical? Wake up tyrants, do a better approach , do true job .
  50. Wendell Stevens wrote: I have no problem with banning military assault rifles and semi automatic rifles but have a problem with hunting rifles being included. Taking guns out of the hands of our citizens will do nothing too stop gun violence,we need stiffer penalties and no parole.
  51. Dennis Orosz wrote: Leave it alone already! Start thinking with your head and stop thinking about the potential votes from the “banners” band.
  52. Patrick McWeeney wrote: Guns DONT kill people its people that used the guns which whom criminals not honest gun owners So your treating the honest people .like criminals so what's with that. your not the government for the people are you.
  53. Isaac wrote: Targetting legal guns and gun owners does not solve illegal gun violence.
  54. mert mavin wrote: define assault rifles. are they middle class rifles? stop blaming law abiding citizens for criminal activities. just ban illegal guns. does that been sense . maybe just ban criminals!!
  55. V.Gosselin wrote: Assault rifles should be restricted no need for that on the street,but the other types of firearms should be registered .All working well now so why reopen it.
  56. James Campbell wrote: Invest our taxes into a real solutions to reduces crime such as policing and the court system that keeps criminals behind bars, instead ppof punishing law abiding people, who follow current established gun laws.
  57. Robert Stavenow wrote: Target the criminal element not law abiding people.
  58. Corey Lane wrote: The Problem is the system, not responsible gun owners. We need Stiffer penalty’s like automatic jail time when caught with an illegal gun. No bail, no early parol. Stop putting these criminals in warm cozy prisons with with three meals a day, free education, and recreational privileges. Rehabilitation starts with teaching them a lesson not providing them with a comfortable environment to laze around in for a few measly months. Individuals that aren’t afraid of the system in Canada aren’t afraid to use guns to commit a crime !!!
  59. Dave Fairbairn wrote: There is already strict gun laws in Canada. The majority of anti-gun people have no idea what an applicant must go through to get a PAL, let alone a R-PAl. For example what other application can be rejected by a disgruntled spouse or ex-spouse ? The problem is not the legal gun owners, it is the criminal element who have no intention of acquiring a legal permit for their illegally gotten guns. Get tough on the criminals. Make a mandatory 2 years plus a day incarceration for any crime committed with a gun, no exceptions. No other interest group in Canada is treated as unfairly as legal gun owners.
  60. Wilfried Rudolphi wrote: leave law abiding citizen alone. I'm sure there are people in higher up position within the government who know how firearms come across our borders.
  61. Dave Hopper wrote: Good for u, Mr Motz
  62. leo walsh wrote: thesei liberals have got to defeated /they are wasting taxpayers money
  63. Ken Koehler wrote: Do not make changes to current gun laws. Make punishment for use and possession of illegal guns more severe.
  64. Bruce Wilbee wrote: These miss informed and unfair policies being forced on us does not seem very democratic to me the government is forcing it's will on the people now, what will they do if we are unarmed and unable to stand up to them. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Regards Bruce
  65. Randy Butler wrote: I have been a gun owner for over 48 yrs and I have followed every gun ownership rule and changes ever proposed, why is it I am being targeted every Bill, Petition, Change, gun registry, you name it!! What has it changed? Make the laws tougher on criminals, you get caught with a gun you should get severely punished, it is a deterrent. Unbelievable we are still talking about this, and yet the same government legalizes marijuana and drinking and driving has really been reduced?
  66. Stan McDonald wrote: It is suspect to me that our federal government can pass a law without any input from the innocent people who's rights have been denied . This, from a prime minister who mindlessly gave a known terrorist a 10.2 million dollar settlement with out any legal president. I'm sensing that they( the terrorists) have more rights than law abiding citizens. I am being punished for the actions of someone other than me. We defend the right of a citizen to leave our country join a terrorist group, kill or maim our soldiers and suffer no consequences … Somethings broken folks