Firearms grandfathering extended

by Jeff Helsdon | October 12, 2023
A Hunter loading his hunting rifle gun with magazine

The amnesty order to protect owners of prohibited firearms from criminal liability has been extended to Oct. 30, 2025.

This order applies to firearms that became prohibited through the federal Liberal government’s May 1, 2020 order-in-council prohibition of what it calls “assault weapons.” The majority of the firearms affected are semi-automatic centrefire guns, such as the AR-15. The initial order covered about 1,500 firearms models and variants. Another 500 have been added since.

The grandfathering was set to expire on Oct. 30, 2023. These firearms can no longer be legally used, imported, or sold in Canada.

“The extension of the order will ensure affected firearm owners and businesses continue to be protected from criminal liability for unlawful possession while they come into compliance with the law, including having the opportunity to take part in the buyback program,” according to the Public Safety Canada website.

The website also provides information on the so-called buyback program, saying it will start with the inventory that firearms retailers have been holding since 2020. The buyback for individual owners will follow after the business program starts, and details on pricing, what guns are included, and other details will follow “in due course.”

“Given the sheer number of firearms that would be eligible for compensation, I expect the program to include multiple avenues for turning in firearms, including via police detachments and firearm businesses,” Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Policy Manager Mark Ryckman said. “However, these details have yet to be confirmed and are simply speculation at this point.”

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  1. DAVID R MARKS wrote: A link to the Public Safety Canada website would have been nice.
  2. Wildboy wrote: Don't do it!
  3. Larry Hall wrote: What a joke. Anyone watch the news? drug dealers and gang bangers are shooting people every day in every city in North and South America and beyond. 90 % of all the shooting are handguns. Politicians are just trying to make themselves look good " Oh look we are doing something about those shooting" Lets get real. All those liberal gun bans have not done one thing to stop the shootings down town and none of them are with my moose hunting rifle or shotgun. Reality is that politicians and most people are clueless when it comes to guns.