Drop-shot rigging options

by Luigi De Rose | May 20, 2014

The basic rig
The rigging is simple; tie a 3/0 to 5/0 worm hook onto the main line with a Palomar knot. Make sure you leave lots of extra line as the tag line will become your leader. Next, run the long tag end through the hook eye from the top and out the bottom, which keeps the hook rigid and vertical. Determine your leader length and knot the drop-shot weight in place. Snip off any extra line. Most weights offer a wire clip that pinches onto the line. I suggest knotting the line around this wire, as jarring hooksets will fling weights free. A simple overhand knot will prevent constant re-rigging.

Tweaking it
Adding a wire swivel to hooks such as the Fastach and VMC models, will make your rig shine. Instead of using one continuous section of line, simply knot the main line to the top end of the swivel and use a leader to attach the dropper weight to the hook. The swivelling hook prevents line twists, and is much easier to knot when in a rush. Large octopus or mosquito hooks for nose hooking are fine, but don’t offer much protection against snagging. If you’re probing cover, stick to a worm hook.

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