Don’t forget to renew your Outdoors Card

by Guest Author | November 29, 2013

image of Ontario outdoors cards

Three years goes by fast when you are having fun hunting and fishing. It might be time to take a peek at the expiry date on your Outdoors Card. Are you due for a new one?

Starting Dec. 3 you will be able to renew your card online, by phone (1-800-288-1155), or at participating Service Ontario centres and licence issuers.

The Ministry of Natural Resources will not be mailing out reminders or forms this year and is encouraging all anglers and hunters to make sure their card is up to date.

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  1. dukedog wrote: What a bunch of bull this year--Not only did prices go up for every thing. You get the CARD- Plus another slip of paper for your fishing lic AND another slip of paper for your hunting lic ??? NOW, i have to carry three different lics now. Im sure they will now have more slips for your -Deer -Bear - Moose----- This is so stupid to say the lest. A sticker on the back of the outdoors card worked just fine before !!!
  2. Tricia wrote: What is the advantage of renewing my outdoors card? I am not buying a fishing licence (I can't afford it) You can buy a lot of fish for $65!
  3. lina Sicilia wrote: I have misplaced my outdoors card and would like my number so I can renew it on line . Could you email me my outdoors card number for Lina Sicilia RR#7 2934 RD 119 St Marys Ontario N4X1C9
    • Lezlie Goodwin wrote: Lina, we're just a magazine, not a gov't agency. We suggest you call one of these MNRF help lines: 1-800-387-7011 or 1-800-667-1940.
  4. Raymonde Verreault wrote: Hello I ordered my fishing lic on line and i cant get it to print it off so that i can go fishing . How do i do that Please get back to me asap Thank you Raymonde Verreault 416-859-8663
  5. Laurent Bastien wrote: Renew outdoors card
  6. Judy lachance wrote: I need to up date my card .
  7. Linda Lou Demers wrote: I would need my out door card for hunting
  8. William Briggs wrote: My Outdoors Card has been expired for 44 days. I did not recieve a mailing reminder of which I am used to; now I am aware. Can I still renew it online without any penalty?
  9. Andrew wrote: My outdoor card expired back in 2012. Do I need to take the small game hunting course again and where would I find the CVV number on my old card. Thanks
  10. chad may wrote: i have not renewed my outdoors card for hunting since 2012 can i still renew it
    • Jason Bain wrote: Outdoors Cards expire every three years, so you would need to get a new one. More details at
  11. Lynn Weier wrote: Renew Outdoors Card