DIY: ground blinds

by Steve Galea | June 20, 2017

DIY ground blind

This simple DIY ground blind masks movement from most sides and animals can only see you when they enter into the kill zone. Hopefully, you’ll already be at full draw by then.

Often, a ground blind is a hunter’s best option. Unfortunately, commercial models aren’t necessarily suited to longer compound or traditional bows. Luckily, making an inexpensive, lightweight blind is easy.

Here’s how:

1. At a hardware store or garden centre, buy a 50-foot roll of matte black weed barrier cloth and 50 feet of paracord.

2. At your ambush site, locate three trees about six feet apart, whose trunks form a triangle relative to each other. Make sure the base of that triangle faces the area you want to cover. (i.e. a trail or the approach to a food source.)

3. Tie the ground cloth (using the paracord) from tree to tree, leaving the base side open. Since the cloth is three-feet wide, tie a second course above the first to create a triangular blind six-feet tall with the base side open. There is no roof, just two high walls.

4. Camouflage the blind with vegetation.

5. Clear the floor area to bare ground.


DIY ground blind stand


DIY ground blind


DIY ground blind - trees with cloth


DIY ground blind - trees with cloth and camo


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