Dangerous ammo recalled

by Editorial Staff | January 5, 2022
Ammunition displayed, with lighter-coloured cartridges on the left that are okay, and darker-coloured ones on the right that are not

The Chief Firearms Office was informed of a recall on ammunition Chinese 7.62X39 surplus CH 762 39-1500 purchased between Sept. and Dec. 1, 2021.

The ammunition contains a prohibited, flammable, and incendiary Tannerite-type substance, the office stated in a Dec. 13, 2021 memorandum to Ontario shooting clubs and ranges.

The recalled crates have a number one stamped on one of the wooden handles, and cartridges will have black casings and black painted tips.

Those who have bought the recalled items are asked not to return the products to a dealer, but to contact allan@northsylva.com.

“We ask that you disseminate this memorandum to all your club members as soon as possible. The discharge of this ammunition is strictly prohibited and dangerous,” Ontario Chief Firearms Officer Supt. AJ Ferguson wrote.

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