Cold snap forces deer indoors

by Jeff Helsdon | January 30, 2019
Photo courtesy of Constable Ed Sanchuk, Media Relations/Community Safety, Norfolk County OPP Detachment.

The cold snap that hit much of Ontario in late January was so intense it caused even wild deer to seek shelter.

In two separate instances just a day apart, deer were discovered inside buildings.

On Jan. 26, a white-tailed deer used a window to enter London’s Western University. It ended up in an office in Saugeen-Maitland Hall, one of the school’s residences and it took a coordinated effort from animal rescue groups to get the animal back outside unharmed.

On Jan. 28, Norfolk OPP responded to a report of a deer entering a home in Port Dover through a window. When police arrived, they found a white-tailed doe in a bedroom. Fortunately, with assistance from Hobbitstee Wildlife Rescue, police were able to chase the deer out a door.

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  1. Michele Vardy wrote: This has the makings of a great Steve Galea humour column.
    • Emily Convery wrote: It sure does!