From deer, moose, and bear to butchering your harvest, the experts at Ontario OUT of DOORS have you covered on your big game hunt.
a late-season buck peeking

Sizing-up trophy antlers

by Sarah Snetsinger | June 9, 2022

I set out to learn if harvesting large white-tailed deer with impressive antlers reduces the number of large deer in future generations.

bull moose on a roadway

Salvaging roadkill

by Ken Doherty | May 17, 2022

An interest in harvesting or foraging roadkill aka bushmeat, double-dead meat, or minivan manna, has grown considerably.

an overpass above a highway for animals to safely cross

How highway animal crossings prevent collisions

by Bruce Ranta | January 14, 2022

Until relatively recently, only minimal attention has been paid to the well-being of other species lost on roadways in Ontario.

four men in blaze orange over a fallen moose

A family moose hunt to remember

by Gord Ellis | January 7, 2022

Few connections as deep as sharing a successful hunt with the most important people in your life, and nothing's more important than family.

white-tailed deer running through snow

Tracking downed game

by Tom Doyle | December 10, 2021

When traditional tracking skills are combined with new blood-detection and tracking products, lost game can become a thing of the past.


What's the deal with short magnums?

by Bruce Ranta | November 5, 2021

Magnum cartridges are simply big cartridges with more powder. Bullets are often the same that are used with regular brass. Hunters like magnums for their extra knock-down, killing power.

outsmarting clever bucks

Outsmarting clever bucks

by Bob Grewell | November 2, 2021

Understanding how big bucks use different features in their environment is key to outsmarting pressured whitetails.

Dakota Deer

Dakota deer: Ontario's other whitetail

by Bruce Ranta | October 26, 2021

In recent years, many of us have read and heard a lot about the Algonquin wolf, non-migratory, forest-dwelling woodland caribou, and other animals that some think are unique species, subspecies, or ecotypes.

white-tailed deer in forest

Deer EHD outbreak confirmed

by Editorial Staff | October 25, 2021

Samples taken from deer found dead in the Kingston area have tested positive for epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), officials confirmed.